MPA And Using Revshares

Below is my “My Paying Ads” account showing that I have made fifty one dollars and eighty one cents. So far I have lost seventy five dollars in the Paypal restriction and now use Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

Currently I only have one adpack and mainly use the site as a PTC since I get five to 6 cents a day.



Posting About SFI and

Now that I have found Strong Future International I am ready to focus on this one program solely. The tug to continue to build even more sites that I can’t keep up with is strong but I have found the mental fortitude to quit buying sites trying to sell products as an affiliate. I realize that I am not ready for that yet. I needed to find my passion first and now I have found something I can be passionate about.

When you first try to tell people that they can make money online by playing games and bidding in auctions they are usually skeptical to say the least. It probably didn’t help that I was a bit skeptical myself until I started winning some of these games and auctions. It changes everything when you actually win an auction and then you play and win some games to earn the credits you need for bidding on more auctions. It makes you realize that when they say it does not cost you to enter you understand why they can say this.